2 days itinerary for Brussels, Ghent and Bruges

Do you only have a weekend to visit Belgium? It is definitely possible to visit three cities in just two days!

Yes, two days can be enough if you will not spend most of your time to visit museums and do lot of activities. I had hard time finding a blog that has detailed itinerary so writing this up for you. It will surely help you if you are a weekend traveller.

Below are the two itineraries, one is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) itinerary and the other is with package tour itinerary. I ended up with the former because my time did not fit with the latter.

Do it yourself Tour

Day Time Activity
1 0750H Arrival to Charleroi Airport
0900H Arrival to Brussels Midi via Fibco Bus
1000H FREE Walking Tour (2.5 hours)
1400H Tours Around Brussels (either Hop-on Hop-off or Commute)
2 0800H Train to Bruges
0930H Tour around Bruges
1330H Train to Ghent
1430H Tour around Ghent
1700H Train to Brussels Midi (Central)


Day 1 (Brussels)

Ticket Pass – Buy a 24 hours ticket pass that will cover your travel from one place to another via metro, tram and bus. You need to get this once you arrive at the Brussels Midi. Go to the metro station and find a ticket counter to buy a pass. This will cost you 7.50 EUR.

Leave Baggage to Hotel/Hostel – You may go to your hotel/hostel as you can leave your luggage and do the tour in the afternoon so it is completely up to you. Literally, you can do the tour around Brussels for half day.

Free Tour – it will pretty much cover some of the top places so you can do other activities in the afternoon. There are four schedules in a day so you can choose what time you want to go.

Hop-on Hop-off Tour – you may want to book for this tour as it covers the 22 top destinations in Brussels. It is valid for 24 or 48 hours after use.

Places that you should visit:

Brussels Bruges Ghent
Grand Palace
included in FREE tour
Townhall Stadhuis (Townhall)
Mannekin Pis
included in FREE tour
Markt Gravensteen
Mont des Art
included in FREE tour
Church of our Lady Museum of Ghent
St Michel Cathedral
included in FREE tour
Dijver Mansions Graslei
Palace Royal Belfry and Halle The Belfry of Ghent
Parc du Cinquantenaire and
Basilique Nationale du Sacré Coeur
The Lovers Bridge and Lake of Love Cathedral of St. Bavo
Mini-Europe and Antomium Torture Musem St. Michael’s Bridge

Day 2 (Bruges and Ghent)

Go to Brussels Central to purchase a return ticket. During weekend, you only pay half of the price (I only paid a little over 15 EUR for return ticket) but during weekdays, you have to pay a little less 30 EUR. And if you are 26 years old and below, you will get a certain discount. So weekend is the best time to travel to Bruges and Ghent.

When you arrive in Bruges, you will only walk couple of meters away from train and you are able to walk around the city. The train is passing Ghent (it is only 30 minutes away from Brussels). And when you are done with your tour at Bruges, you only need to ride train back to Brussels (there is train every 15 or 30 minutes) – get off at Ghent train station. From there, go to the nearest bus station that will take you to center of Ghent.

Unlike Bruges, you need to take bus or train to go to the center of Ghent because may take more time (I believe around 30 minutes) if you walk and it is not recommended.

You can purchase a ticket to Ghent central for 3 EUR. I recommend that you purchase a ticket directly to the bus or train driver when you ride as the machine is quite confusing.

Package Tour 

Day Time Activity
1 0900H – 1900H Ghent and Brudge Day Trip Tour
2 0900H – 1430H Hop-on Hop-off Tour
1500H – 1800H Mini-Europe and Antomium Combo

The Ghent and Brudge Day Trip Tour starts at 0900H and they will pick you up one hour or 30 minutes before 0900H. If you arrive Saturday morning in Brussels Airport, you can go directly to the meeting place. Note that if you are taking the RyanAir, the airport is in Charleroi so make sure you arrive at least two hours before 0900H to avail the tour.

Day tour to Bruge and Ghent will cover top spots so relax and enjoy your first day to Belgium. I highly recommend this tour as it eliminates the hassle plus there is a guide that can give you information about each place.

Enjoy your weekend trip to Belgium! If you have questions or anything, please free to drop a comment below.

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