How do you define success?

As we grow older, we start to realize that life is not a fairy tale story or a drama that usually ends with an expected pattern – like living happily ever after. No, formula is never an option. Pattern can be predicted, but it’s just a pattern.

Every one dreamed of success and all the good things in life when they were still young. However, time comes in life when these dreams are fleeting becoming illusion fading by and by.

Some are conceiving of something to happen but they are not making steps on how to make it happen. It is like when you are in the ocean wanting to catch fish. You just watch the sea and you don’t make any moves on how to catch fish.

On the other side, there are people who have reasoning that “sky is the limit”. They see that there are potential risks to catch fish like waves may hit their boat or strong wind may come unexpectedly while they are in the middle of the ocean.

The world is full of opportunities. And every one is walking in each direction of the world to see where to find a fortune – it maybe a fortune that can sustain them every other day or a fortune that can sustain them forever.

If you mine gold, you don’t mine without knowing that there is gold underground. You know in advance that there is treasure waiting for you. Oftentimes, people only explore treasure that is known to them and pretty much to everybody else. They look for an assurance that if they do a ‘thing’, they will get something.

Beyond the known is where the doers fall. They keep on walking into the direction that is seemingly uncomfortable. They know that they will get hurt but they already expect that their journey involves pain and possibly defeat. They will keep on trying until they get what they want. These people are persistent enough to finish the race they started.

At the end, not everyone is the same. Some are happy to settle on where they are, what they have and where they are heading to. But some are ready to get their feet wet and experience what the world has to offer beyond what their eyes can see afar.


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