A search for happiness

I thought this article might be able to shed some light on those who are asking themselves why happiness seems to be elusive to them despite the fact that they have almost everything in life.

Each of us may have our definition for happiness but there are fundamental principles related to how people become happy based on the the research.


The perception that money can buy happiness has some truth on it but not generally. You see a lot of people who have money are depressed or they are getting into more troubles.

Let’s talk about common misconception on why people are still trapped in finding what can make them happy.

Scenario 1: Let’s say you can afford almost everything in the market. You go to shop expensive clothes and accessories. Yes, you will get satisfaction because you felt that your “wants” were met. Then when you go home, you lay down but you feel that you are aiming for something more and more. Bang..! Welcome to the club!

Scenario 2: When you travel because you are able to do so, then you enjoy for couple of days. You were tired – took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the views and all. When you woke up the following day after the tour, you are still wanting something more.

Scenario 3: You saved money and bought your ‘wants’ yet you felt like the day is just flowing ordinarily after all that you have achieved your goals. It seems that there is still a vacuum in your heart that needs to be filled.

Whatever you do in life and whatever your status in life is – you can always find happiness in so many things. Do not wait until you have all the money to experience good things.

The below might help you find your purpose and give you satisfaction in your daily life.

Join groups with alike interests. There are a lot of online communities where you can participate to events (i.e marathon, hiking, sports, etc.). In your community and workplace – you may be able to find meaningful events which might interests you.


Know what you want to do in life away from work. Remember that life is not about ‘living to work but working to live’. Do what you feel you are more interested about. It could be as simple as walking around and watching people passing by or it could be reading new books.


Take time to exercise. If you are healthy, you can do things you want so this is crucial. Without taking care of your health, your inability to do what you need to do will affect you all the days of your life.


Meet your friends. Talking to people online now becomes the easiest way to communicate but remember that we are human. We need interaction to our friends in person as we will feel the connection all the more if we see our friends in front of us.


Take vacation. Don’t just stay at home when you take a break. Plan ahead and go to new places you have never been to before. This will open your mind on what is happening on the other side of the world.


Be involved. If there is opportunity to volunteer then do it if you feel that you are interested for a certain cause. You will not only meet new friends but you will also experience doing things for others. This can be a great source of happiness as you will see the community you are helping with for example – is having a good change. And then you were part of the change!


Have time with your family. They are the biggest source of our happiness. We interact with them all our life. So chat with them and have meaningful conversation as it can make you feel that there are people who care for you the most.

meet friends

Those are just some of the things you can do which do not require a lot of money to experience a life that is more worthwhile. Set aside some of the most pressing issues in life and see where you can find joy.

Remember that life does not have to be complex to experience what the world has to offer. Find meaning on little things and you will find value on all those which can become valuable source of your happiness.



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