Cezky Krumlov in Czech Republic

If you are visiting Czech Republic and you have sufficient time to spare after visiting Prague – I highly recommend that you also visit Cezky Krumlov. After 5 months living in Czech Republic, I never had interest in travelling locally until recently as Prague seems to be enough.

Cezky Krumlov is underrated in my belief because you won’t see it being mostly recommended or probably not part of itinerary of most travellers going to east of Europe.

How to travel from Prague to Cezky Krumlov?

Book a bus trip from Prague – this is mostly recommended as compared to train as it is faster. And the distance of bus station from the center of CK is closer than when you ride a train.

Go to Regiojet website and buy a ticket that will cost you 7.70 EUR one-way. Bus departs every hour in a day so check the best time that suits you.

From: Prague, Na Knížecí    To: Český Krumlov, AN

Make sure that you book your destination to CK ‘AN’ and when you get a return ticket, make sure that you depart from the same station because I think there is another bus station that is quite far from the center.

Where to stay in Cezky Krumlov?

It was my first time to book for AirBnb and my stay to Carolyn’s house was perfect. Here is the link to the AirBnb host and I really recommend it as it is near the center plus the receptionist speaks english (the girl in the reception when I arrived is from UK and very helpful). They have map and recommendations and will exactly orient you with all those when you arrive.

Where to eat in Cezky Krumlov?

Food prices in top rated restaurants are quite high but the taste is worth your penny. The pubs are everywhere beside the river so you can always find a good place to eat. I tried vegetarian restaurant Laibon and it was great, while I also tried Restaurant Konvice and it was also good.

Places to visit in Cezky Krumlov

You can go to most places in a day or less especially if you are not going to Museums. I recommend that you stay for 2 or 3 days in CK as it will give you more time to experience the local vibes. I did not tried rafting because it was raining when I arrived but I think it should be one of the best activities to do there. See some details of my tour for 2 days in Cezky Krumlov.

For sure the Cezky Krumlov castle is a must to visit. There is a tower that you can climb to witness the view of CK – the ticket will cost you around 150CZK.

Castle Theater is one of a kind in the world! The ticket is CZK 380 for an hour visit with tour guide. Castle tour will cost you CZK 300 for an hour but I opted this tour as I did not have more time. This is the most preserved baroque theater in the world. Although it is not allowed to take pictures inside and the guide will tell you everything about it.

There is a free tour. It is called free tour but of course you have to give a tip. I started joining this kind of tour in Belgium because it will give you more glimpse of the history. Personally, I prefer it this way than just seeing places because you can keep the history in your memory and you’ll learn more about the place.

You do not need to reserve online, just go in  front of the ‘Info Center’ in old town square and you will see the tour guide with red umbrella and shirt. They have 10AM and 2PM schedule so check it out as the guide will take you to the top spots up to the castle.

And here are the best pictures!




cezky krumlov townhall


Cezky Krumlov Views



cezky krumlov

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