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I was travelling abroad since 2016 and I was not able to write all my memories or post all my photos in a website that I own. Sometimes, it is hard to remember simple moments especially when you are not active in social media. And our thoughts or experiences are not written which makes it easier to be forgotten.

Having a travel website, a blog or a personal website helps us to record all our memories and even more. Last year, I created this blog but I wasn’t motivated to put all my travel pictures. Some of my photos got lost and I have not remembered any of them.

Not only that, if you are selling something online, you might as well look into an option to create your personal online store, or even more if you are freelancing – having a website is a must to showcase your works and portfolios.

free create website course

This free course will equip you with the basics of web development, using wordress and setting up a website (can be e-commerce site, blog or personal website) in few steps. You will also learn how you can utilize wordpress plugins for your needs. For example, you are selling items, and want to have a personal brand – you should be able to do that pretty much easily.

How can you benefit from learning in this course?

1. First, you can build a brand for yourself. If you are not a traveller and bumped into my site, no problem. I dedicate this free course to travellers like me but if you only want to build something for yourself, I will be glad to help.

2. If you are a good writer and a traveler, you can monetize by writing a blog, not only for your travels, because you can also write any topics in your website. As long as you know the steps how, you can do things you want.

3. You can create an online store or e-commerce on-the-fly. Creating e-commerce site will help you sell your products online or your services.

4. And lastly, you can earn while you are traveling. With right skills, you can get clients or maybe your friends who need website. From company website, to travel blog and e-commerce site – you should be able to do it.


  • Create a domain and register to web hosting
  • WordPress installation
  • Understanding how wordpress works
  • Customizing a website using basic CSS (e.g updating text or link color)
  • Use of themes and plugins
  • Basic PHP functions (optional)

If you are interested to be part of my pioneering website course for FREE, register below and and I will connect with you.