Fear is just a feeling

Can you remember when was the last time you were afraid of something for whatever reasons? No one is excuse to feel the pain of being in a fearful situation. Fear can lead to depression in life and can result to a more serious problem. Fear reminds us that something will happen and we are not ready to face it. But how do we combat fear so it will not lead to depression?

I’ve listed the following items which could help you figure out what to do in case you are experiencing fear. I know it is easy to say but it is a hard battle.

Fear is only a feeling, it has no physical form
  • Don’t panic. You cannot solve anything if you keep yourself from doing things without careful thoughts. Most of the times, our emotion is ruling us and we don’t think objectively. So let the emotion pass before making a decision if you need to decide on something critical. If there is no sufficient time and you need to decide on something pretty quickly – hold your breath and relax for a little bit, with your mind working and thinking about the best option to take.
  • Call a friend. For this very reason, you need to reach out to your family or friends who can better understand your situation and can help you figure out things. For sure they will give their insights on what they can see on your situation. Remember that you are not alone in your battles, that is why your family and friends are there.
  • Focus on the solution. You cannot put things back again so face the next step by identifying what you think the solutions are. Do not blame yourself. Yes you will always make mistake but you will always learn from it (unless you are not careful of what you do the second time). You can restrospect once you are able to solve the issues.
  • Do not overthink. Sometimes we are drown in our own ideas and thoughts. This will seriously kill your positive outlook and may result to depression. Just wait things to happen if you think that you did what you think is right. Of course, you cannot control everything as things can happen even we do not expect it.
  • Be ready. As Theodore Roosevelt said – “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” Do not be afraid of anything and think about your successes and not your failures. Whatever happens, remember that you did what you can to overcome whatever challenges you may have.

In this world where our emotions matter – fact remains fact. Notice that if we feel bad, it does not stay forever because our emotions may change but the truth never will change. Successful people know how to train their mind and play with their emotions carefully (emotional intelligence). That is why people who excel academically may not necessarily excel in real life because they may fail on handling their emotions. I’m not saying that emotions are less important but at the time where fear attacks us – the stable state of our mind is our weapon to get away from fear.

Being subjective on matters that require an objective action may multiply our failures. What do I mean by this? For example – when you are walking in the middle of the night and you are having fear that someone will attack you – your emotions might lead you to a path where the attacker can track you more easily. But if you use your mind and focus on what area you should walk into where the attacker cannot easily follow you because of the surrounding covering you then you are saving yourself. This is as simple as using our common sense and not being ruled by what we feel is going to happen if the attacker attacks us.

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