Finding a flat or room in Prague

The first thing you will do if you are moving to Prague is to find a good place to stay. These days, the prices of apartments in Prague went up especially if you are looking for an accommodation in in the center or near the center.

If you really like the flat – don’t think twice because many people are looking for decent accommodation. It happened to me when I visited a room in Prague 5 – Motol area. I really like the place because of its location and the room is quite good, with a nice view as it is situated on the seventh or eight floor (I can’t recall exactly). So the one I talked to told me to think about it overnight. The following day in the afternoon when I told her I liked the flat – she told me that someone already took it.

These are some of the sites you can use to find a good deal.

Bezrealitky. This requires a registration to the site which will cost you CZK 99.00 for basic access and you will be able to contact the landlords directly. You can also subscribe to their premium subscription if you are in urgent need of a room as users with this account are in the top email list of the owners. In this site, you can avoid agency commission which is usually one month rent.

Sreality. This website contains the largest database of property rentals. You can connect to the people who are posting here pretty much easily. Mostly, the posters are the agencies for rental properties so you probably will pay the one month worth of rental as commission. is a site which has english version on the upper right part of the page. This is a good site if you would prefer a room sharing. You can also post on this site so people will be able to contact you. is quite similar with the Spolubydlici with the difference that the texts on site are written in Czech. You can use google translate to read the postings.

Facebook groups. A lot of groups on facebook can help you find a flat or room. Just beware of the scams as some may be unreal. In my two first two room visits – I have contacted the posters in facebook and all good. and I have not used those sites but those are english sites so would be easier for you to understand the postings.

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