Footprint of life

“While young, take courage to live a life that you feel you are comfortable of living. Never that you can put back times when you were still armed with strength and energy.” – Mart Adventures

One day afternoon, you were sitting under the tree, bracing the air as it blows, catching the leaves falling to the ground. Falling – the only direction that leaves go to. Wind may swing the falling leaves but never that it will put back again to where these leaves used to be.

Now that leaves are in the ground, rotting starts until these flashing green leaves become part of the greater land. No one remembers its position in the branch of the tree. Even the tree itself will be gone forever.

Destiny! you’re about to scream but you got a grip on yourself not to shatter. You started to feel that your life seems to have been spent pleasing people, and meeting their expectations. Life is simple at one thought but it is not when you were trying to live it.

You are tired. Not in your youthful years when you were too much excited to fulfil your dreams. You’ve reached a moment in life when you felt that enough is enough.

Too much distressed on the things around you and you forgot to care that you are living because you have a purpose – not to conquer the world with your wisdom but to live your life the way you believe you should be.

Then you went back to your memory – a piece of you that is starting to melt away. You recalled the time when you were making life-changing decisions. You asked yourself for a while. “If I took the other way, will my life be different than what I have now?” You quickly settled to a thought that no matter what you choose, time comes that you will think of “what ifs”.

You have been in the recollection that time just passed by like a whirlwind. And now you are no longer capable of doing things you have used to do. Your recourse is now limited and your only comfort is rest. You wake up every morning with only little hopes of tomorrow.

In your heart, there is a special place where you stored all the love. The love to people around you when you were on your younger years. But this love becomes a memory now and you can no longer act on it.

The norm of life. Yes, you were reminded that at some point, you have probably lived a life of a rat trapped in a cage thinking that there is no escape otherwise you’ll fall in a pit of adversity. Your strength is now declining and you can never live a life you think you were supposed to as you are no longer the person that you used to be yesterday.

The sun is now setting to where you sit. And you slowly stand to keep going, keeping the memories of yours and hoping that tomorrow is going to be a new beginning.

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