4 ways to escape being an employee

I have been working for 10 years now, yes it is T-E-N years! And after all those years, I am still working for a company – spending most of my life in a cubicle waiting for the time to pass.

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For many, life is about paying bills, going to work and taking vacation. And I was in that mindset before that I always think about how I can move up to the ladder. We cannot deny the fact that office politics is everywhere so we just live with it because we need M-O-N-E-Y.

Money, this becomes our survival weapon as obviously without this we will sleep anywhere without food. Reality sucks, right?

But how can we live without having to go to office everyday? I am thankful that I was borne in the generation where the technology advanced in so many ways and I have this option to not-work-in-the-company five days a week.

Added by earning fixed amount every month, being employee does not give us enough freedom to get what we want in life. Although, money does not translate to happiness – but when used in a good purpose, it can help us to become happy.

I will not enumerate more why I am hating to become a corporate slave BUT i will discuss a way out. And if you are reading this blog, you are probably also trying to figure out on how you can have financial freedom without having to work on a fixed time and on a place where you think you will spend the rest of your life. Sad reality but this is the truth.

Now, let us figure out together how we can move out from the trap of capitalism and move our way towards living-a-life-free-from-being-attached to a certain organisation.

1. Work Online

Of course, you have heard this so many times. But the road to working online seems to be gray and it is challenging to get there even with some skills. You need to focus on a specific skills and become expert on this area then you should be able to find something out there.

Being generalist and not being specialist may not work in this route. Master skills you can sell to potential clients. BUT there is a caveat, if you are putting up a start-up, you need to be somewhat generalist to understand the processes behind.

2. Save and Invest

While you have good stream of income, invest for long term and allow your money to work for you. If you have read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, his attacked on how you can escape having to work and let your money work for you is quite impressive.

And the question is, how are you going to start investing? There is stock market investing where you put your money for long term and earn a dividend. Eventually, when the stock price goes up, you’ll be able to make your investment profitable.

3. Discipline yourself and become a minimalist

Do not invest on so many things that you don’t need, because technically, you will only need those basic things for you to survive.

4. Start your own business

Be expert on something and start to venture in a business. You can put up a start-up but study the ins and out. Do not be afraid to fail, and learn from your failures. You can setup a business virtually so anywhere you go, you are are able to work.

Earning money is not limited to being employee anymore as you can earn online and wherever you are. Anyone of us can start from something small, maybe develop skills and eventually find a work that can sustain us.

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