How to find online and remote jobs?

Tired of going to office everyday? Well, you are not alone. Although, many organisations have now realized that flexible working arrangements make their employee happy – there is still hesitation on giving employees opportunity to work remotely entirely. Some may require two days work from home while three days in the office.

If your goal is to work remotely outside of your country, the policy will not work for you. And remember, you need to be on a specific range of time (e.g. you should be online from 9AM – 2PM). Though this is quite manageable, however, when you are a digital nomad – you may be travelling somewhere else and this type of flexibility will not work for you.

But if you are not travelling, let say that you have kids to look after at home then the policy works for you the best as you can spend some days at home during the week.

Regardless of your situation, let us find out how you can find a job that offers opportunity to work remotely.

1.Become a freelancer.

You will need to find clients in order to start this type of work. It may not be easy but when you prepare gradually while still connected to your current employer, you should be able to transition to being a full-time freelancer.

To convince your clients that you are able to deliver, start to build a reputation by working on small gigs and build a website you can use to showcase your portfolio.

2. Develop skills for online jobs.

It does not matter what degree you have completed or never will it matter if you have graduated university or not. The most important factor is your skills and if you are able to deliver results. Find out the work from home or remote jobs this year and figure out which one is best for you.

3. Start searching.

Some people are aiming to work at the comfort of their home or maybe remote but they don’t bother to search for opportunities like work from home or remote work. You have to remember that there are millions of organizations in the world and there are thousands of work from home or online jobs out there.

And where you can find these jobs these days?

a) Linkedin maybe not new to you but Linkedin is one of the most prominent sites to get a job not only office-based jobs but remote work. Create your account highlighting your skills and start filtering out remote jobs.

remote jobs

Even managerial positions are now remote! Filter to your preferred location and you should be able to find many remote jobs.

b) Indeed is another giant job search engine allowing you to filter remote jobs or online jobs. Typing just ‘remote’ offers suggestions and you see that there you’ll get a lot of jobs with keyword ‘remote’.

remote jobs indeed

c) Monster is another huge online job board offering tons of remote jobs. Search ‘remote jobs monster’ in google and you should be able to find thousands of remote jobs.

remote jobs

d) Craigslist job sections has online jobs or remote work available. I found several remote jobs here in the past and mostly, the advertisers are direct clients or owners of small firms. I even got an offer here to work for a US client in the past so I highly encourage that you use this site.

remote jobs indeed

In comparison to sites like Upwork or Fiverr, the competition in Craigslist is not as high because you will just send an email to the advertiser and you maybe lucky to get interviewed.

e) Glassdoor is also one of the biggest job search engines that allows you to filter jobs pretty much easily. Signup and create a profile to view the latest jobs.

There are still many job boards you can use like CareerBuilder, CV Library, Behance, Upwork, etc. Also, join facebook groups as there are a lot of remote job posting.

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