How to travel from Prague to Munich

Weekend is my favorite time of the week because this is when I travel around europe. I sometimes take a break as it can be tiring to spend all weekends wandering.

So how to travel from Prague to Munich?

The most convenient way is via FlixiBus.

I downloaded FlixiBus app and I received confirmation of my travel schedule after buying a return ticket.

In Prague, there are three stations of FlixiBus. But since Florenc is the nearest one to me, I decided to booked my departure from there. I paid around 22.90 EUR one way but I booked that the same day. You may need to register to and get updates as sometimes they offer discounts when you book in advance.


travel from prague to munich

As you can see in the screenshot, the travel time is around 6 hours and 25 minutes. If you are travelling over the weekend, it is better to book at 23:55.

The bus will have couple of stops before reaching to Munch ZOB. And from Munich ZOB, you need to ride a metro going to Munich Central. It is going to be one station from Munich ZOB and quite close (~3 minutes travel time).

From Munich, there are train stations going to the countryside. You will need to buy a ticket on the machine or ticket booth nearby train lines.

Enjoy your travel!

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