Meritocracy to its finest

No wonder, we see people in the middle and upper class as those who have been educated, achieved certain degree of status in the field that they chose and with qualifications that are earned through merit.

In Europe, US and other progressive places, most people are educated and mostly live a life that are above poverty lines. They are able to sustain their needs by working in companies paying them good income. But in the third-world countries, many people are not able to earn good income because they lack knowledge and skills.

The world is run by achievers, rich and people who are street smart. But majority of the people who earn good living are those with good credentials and are able to perform well on their respective field of work.



We sometimes ignore those people who are unable to get good credentials but are hardworking and capable of doing things well enough. These people are left behind in making good living. Unless they do well and learn strategy on how to move up, they will stay on their status quo.

Have you noticed that fairness is mainly based on the merit? People measure it this way and will for sure be the standard among companies for generations to come. When we measure the economy of a country, employment rate is one of the basis of identifying whether or not the country has achieved certain level of growth. Education correlates with the employment status while it maybe hard to measure the underemployed (people who are working on a field irrelevant to their education and training gained in their early years).

Unknowingly, we judge people on the basis of their achievement in life. Maybe because education can sharpen the character of an individual? It maybe a case because of what is taught in the school. People are more aware of their actions and they behave the way they know is good. But this is not always the case. People who are ignorant may not know things that can only be taught at school but they have certain level of understanding on things around them.

We believe that knowledge is power. And by all means, there is so much truth on it. Those who are knowledgable in business for instance will possibly succeed because they know the ins and out of the operations. Those who studied doctor would know how to treat patients well enough as they were equipped properly. So it is the knowledge and skills that sustain people all over the world. The more your knowledge on a certain subject matter, the better you could become.

This is how we live and this is the world standard. Without being knowledgable on certain aspect of life will lead us to failure and eventually poverty. So it is up to you if you will pursue excellence and learn everyday of your life. If you do, you will surely reap the fruit of your sacrifices and efforts. Otherwise, you will be left behind barely surviving in life.

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