Crazy Moments in Australia

I was stressed, tired, feeling down, working at night and facing escalations from clients. How can I get away from this life? Ah! I need to travel to a new place, relax for a bit and see if this place is a good location to start a new beginning. One thing that came up to my mind was to travel to Australia. 

I never had a second thought of travelling to Australia because at that time I was preparing my documents for independent visa. And I said to myself, I need to do ocular visit first to see if I will like it so I will be motivated to pursue my plan to migrate. But things can change – I’ve decided to migrate to Czech Republic instead.

Blue Mountains

I got a promo ticket via Cebu Pacific to fly to Sydney ( only around EUR 100 round trip, a good deal right?). But wait, as a Filipino, I needed to have a tourist visa. Since I’ve travelled to several countries in Asia already – I did not worry about my visa approval. Months went by so fast and I got my visa sorted out after document preparations. I was given a multiple entry for one year.


So the journey began and I finally landed to Sydney on March 2018. Since I have travelled outside the country alone already, I did not bother to do a lot of research except for the top places I should go. Besides, Australia is english-speaking country so I thought I will not get lost.

The 12 Apostles

I arrived at the airport and passed the immigration smoothly. People are so warm and friendly so I was amazed. I booked my first night of stay in Sydney – I did not book my accommodation for the entire trip because I know my plan can change. The problem was, when I went out from the airport, I had no internet and my phone was dying. The reason why I did not get a local sim card in the airport is that I can use GPS without internet. I just had a printed confirmation of my accommodation. I rely a lot on google maps so without internet or GPS I will get lost. In my mind, I was blaming myself for being not prepared to things like this. Fortunately, I was in the train and I saw the building name afar so I was relieved.

I spent the day in a hostel and planned for where I will go the the following days. There are a lot of travel agencies around so I picked the major day tour in Sydney going to blue mountains. Since my stay is only 8 days – I changed my mind and booked a flight to Melbourne (I was interested to visit this city because it is the top liveable city in the world). It was worth it I would say. However, my experience in Melbourne was unforgettable. When I remember this trip – the 3 crazy experience reminds me of my recklessness.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

The first crazy moment was when I arrived, I did not have any guides on how to commute except for google map (again! my battery was dying and my powerbank too – I never learned the second time!). I hated myself because I neglected the most important thing. Plus, I arrived at around 2 o’clock in the morning. I can’t even buy a ticket in the tram station as it was closed. It was also my first time to ride a tram. Sadly, I went to a wrong direction and after several stops – I asked someone and I was directed to the right tram.

And the second and third craziest moments, I will keep it to myself for now and will update this article soon. 🙂

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