Planning to live abroad?

Some of us may think about living or migrating to other country, depending on our circumstances in life. There are a lot of considerations to take before making this decision as it is a life-changing journey. 

In my case, it was not an easy move. Considering that I have already established a good career in the Philippines and then the thought of starting all over again in a foreign country (Czech Republic) drove me crazy. We know that change is inevitable and we need to be flexible enough to adapt to new ways of living.

Each country has its own culture and we need to integrate well enough to experience living a good life abroad. Not only this, we need to be ready emotionally, physically and financially (especially if you are migrating at your own expense). But it is going to be worth it especially if you really want to experience a different life, see the world and meet new friends.

Let’s start figuring out some of the basic conditions in life that could lead us to decide whether or not living abroad is worth it.

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic
  1. Purpose. Do you really want to move out from where you live for the reason that you just want to experience a new life? What is your purpose of moving abroad? You are the only one who can answer this question. Some people move from third world country to a more advanced country to experience a good quality of life.

  2. Where in the world? Is the country you are planning to move into offers a quality of life that you dream to achieve? Research the following situations in your target country: peacefulness, healthcare, salary, weather, cost of living, job opportunities, education standard, transportation, among others. When it comes to weighing our options – as in the Philippines, people mainly target migration friendly countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These countries offer exceptional quality of life but since many people want to move there, the competition is high.

  3. Doability. Even you really want to move out, you need to figure out if it is possible for you to make a move. Not all people are capable of migrating because most countries have high qualifications/point system especially if you are coming from a developing country and targeting to settle to a first world country. So study their migration policies and visa options as it will be easier for you to trim down your list.

  4. Age matters. Most of the times, our age matters if we are planning to migrate depending on what route we wanted take. For example, moving to New Zealand for a holiday visa requires maximum of 30 or 35 years old depending on the country of origin. And if you are applying for a migration in Australia, there is also high points for a certain age bracket. But it depends on your case, if you are coming from a more advanced country and you plan to move to a developing country – this may not matter because most of the people from rich countries can enter a developing country without much restrictions. Of course if you are rich, you can always move from one place to another easily. In any case, age comes into play when you are already settled and you felt that moving out is not suitable for you anymore. For some, living abroad is a good experience if you are in your 20s or early 30s as this age is more on discovering yourself (what you want to do in life, where you want to settle for good, among others).

  5. Family. Can you bring your family with you? Think about it ten times if you are married and have children – it may be a difficult thing to do. Some people are just moving outside of their country to get high salary as their home country does not provide many opportunities and the salary is quite low. In this case, they will leave their family and they will work abroad for years before going back and finally settle. And this boils down to the question of living away from your family – can you live year or years without seeing them in person? Nowadays, the presence of social media paves a way to connect people from all over the world so it significantly helps.

  6. Timeplan. Make a plan as to when you are moving out if you have weighed things based on the items one to five above. You cannot just sit and hallucinate all day to live somewhere. If your heart is not fully convinced that you are going to move out then don’t waste your time because this decision requires time, effort and money.

The list above are just few of the things that you need to ask yourself about. If you feel that there is a missing piece in your life and you want to discover more about yourself and see the other side of the world then make move now. Time is our competition and the moment you make a decision, make sure that you are ready to face the outcome and embrace the ups and downs.



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