The laidback life in Laos

I would say that Laos is one of my favorite countries in Asia simply because of its serene feels. Although I have not been to the capital city (Vientiane) of Laos – visiting Luang Prabang is enough. I felt that there is a magical feeling when you land at Luang Prabang. No wonder why this place was declared as a UNESCO heritage site.

Coming in at the middle of the day, we landed at the small airport of Luang Prabang from Thailand. Outside of the airport, I did not see the usual ‘airport scam’ traps as compared to other places I have visited so far. Or I might have not noticed that when we arrived because I don’t see drivers offering ride to the arriving passengers whatsoever.

This city is sorrounded by nature and people live near the Mekong River – the seventh longest river in Asia. Hour before sunset, tourists are bumping into each other in a short street full of merchandise. At each street’s corner, you will see fresh fruits and snacks prepared by locals. Since this street is just few meters away from the river, the temperature is quite cold which makes this place more relaxing.

In the street, you will see beautiful architecture preserved for centuries. Most people living here are buddhist so you will see the temples and monasteries.


The most beautiful waterfall I have seen so far is in Luang Prabang named Kuang Si waterfall. It’s just less than an hour away from the center and you’ll be able to see this amazing view. Don’t miss this if you visit Laos someday!

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