The price of peace of mind

All of us – poor, middle class and rich want to live a life with peace. Everyday, we worry about anything and added by the worries we have for tomorrow, next week, next month and probably next year. We never really talk about this topic often with our friends and our family but this is happening to us consciously and unconsciously.

People all over the world worry everyday about what is going on and what is going to happen. This is evident in the news and social media outlets. Of course everyone wants to be happy, who doesn’t?

So how much is peace of mind then? I don’t think anyone can put a price tag on being at peace. All I can say is that we all struggle and we all worry about some things in life. It’s just that our worries differ and we approach them differently.

Success is a very subjective word and the definition of it varies from one person to another. Many generally think that success is about financial prosperity. But sometimes, they overlook the fact that even with financial success, peace is still missing. I don’t say that we should not aim for financial prosperity, what I am saying is that whatever status we have in life, we cannot buy peace of mind at all. But we can make ways to reduce basic worries of human beings. One example is worry about what to eat everyday – if we have enough money to buy food, we won’t have headache about where we will get our next meal.

At the end, peace of mind is all what we need regardless. 

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