Tips in travelling to Brussels

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Brussels is situated strategically in Western Europe, and it is a beautiful city. If you are in Brussels, you can visit Amsterdam or Luxemburg in just few hours. But if your intent is to visit Belgium’s top cities (Brussels, Ghent and Bruges) and you only have two days, you are in the right track. I have visited this country for a weekend and Belgium did not fail to amaze me.

With that in mind, I am sharing my tips on how to get around the city, places to visit and what to do when you only have short time but planning to visit three cities.

  • The weather is unpredictable so be prepared to bring umbrella or raincoat. I visited mid of June and it was raining when I arrived at the airport.
  • There are two airports in Brussels. One is Charleroi and the other is Belgium airport. Ryanair’s flight is in Charleroi – if you are planning to book via this airline. Note that Charleroi is one hour away from Brussels central. I think the best transport is shuttle bus fibco. You can book online for only 14.20 EUR but you can also do it in the counter outside airport. Although it may cost you additional 3 EUR.
  • If you want to learn more about of Belgium’s history and not joining a package tour in Brussels, try to get the Free Tour. During weekends, there could be a lot of tourists wanting to join so reserve a slot online.
  • If you want to maximize you day tour in Brussels without much hassle on how to visit a place from one point to another, you can book for Hop-on Hop-off tour at Viator (see my recommended tour below). You can book for 24 or 48 hours tour in which you can visit the top places within Brussels without worrying how to commute.
  • Without Hop-on Hop-off tour, you can commute and visit the top places in Brussels via tram, bus or metro.
    For a 24 hour access, you will pay 7.50 EUR. Note that you cannot buy this in ticket machine, you need to find a counter and buy for a ticket pass. It will be expensive if you will not get this pass because one way ticket will cost you 3 EUR.

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  • You can go around Brussels for a day, unless you are going to spend more time in museums. I recommend that you visit Ghent and Bruges. These two cities are charming and beautiful. There is a day tour going to these two great cities for a day, or you can also do it yourself but you need to manage your time well if you only have a day and plans to visit two cities.
  • Brussels is known for its chocolates. You can try the chocolate tasting tour and experience one of the best chocolates in all europe.
  • I think Mini-Europe is a must to visit. You get to see the whole europe in one place and you can see modernist structure and miniator park. This is considering that you have enough time to spend in Brussels. Ideally, 2 days would be enough to visit most of the top places around Brussels including Mini-Europe, museums and top places to visit in Brussels.
  • You can book your accommodation near the center. I recommend booking early as most accommodations are fully booked during summer. I personally use as it gives me some discounts. Use this link to get 10% discount.

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