The best of Singapore that you should never miss!

Before I moved to Europe, Singapore and Malaysia were the last countries I have visited in 5 days as a solo traveller. And you know what caught my attention? This country is compact and advanced, modern and full of life. Yes, I will definitely go back to Singapore and book for one night hotel in Marina Bay Sands.

All my tours are Do-It-Myself (DIM) because the attractions are only couple of meters away from the metro and bus. If you speak and understand english, never that you will get lost at all.

With modern buildings around the streets, luxurious hotels and houses – you will feel that you are living two decades after today if you came from a not-so-advanced county.

In southeast asia countries, Singapore is the most advanced and it is the financial hub management of Asia. And the economy reflects the way people live in Singapore as well as the world-class infrastructure.

I have not been to all the places in Singapore because I went to Malaysia as well but I could say that seeing the glimpse of this advanced country will definitely leave a good impression to you.

Places that you should visit at least.

1.Marina Bay Sands. I recommend that you go in the afternoon although there are a lot of tourists, you can still take very good pictures anywhere in around area.

marina bay

2. China Town. I think this is a must place to visit if you love eating, who doesn’t? Unfortunately, I only spent a night here but when I will go back – I will book a hotel nearby (there are a lot of good accommodation around here). You will be able to eat different asian cuisine in a good price.

china town singapore

3. Sentosa Island. Not all beaches are nearing the sea! Sentosa island is an exception to beaches you have been to so far.

beach in singapore

4. Merlion Park. This is a MUST when you visit Singapore. Any travellers would recognize your photo when you post online. No need to caption because it symbolises the country due to its historical importance.

merlion park

5. Universal Studios. You can never go wrong with going to the Universal Studios in Singapore. The wide range of attractions can consume your time so plan for at least half day. There are seven themed zone and 28 rides so get ready for the adventure.

universal studio singapore

Although, the country is one of the most expensive to live – the quality you can get is superb. If I have more time to spare, I will definitely bring my laptop and work at Singapore for 2 weeks. There are still a lot of places to go around Singapore such as Singapore Flyer, Clark Quay (this is perfect place at night), Night Safari Singapore,  among others.

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