Two weeks may not be enough to find a decent accommodation in Prague

Now that my 30 days of stay in a cozy apartment is over, I needed to find a place for few days or weeks while I am still in the search for a decent place. I was talking to a good friend and I laughed when he said that “I’m not looking for a wife, I am looking for a place to stay and I can move out when it doesn’t fit me.”

I learned one thing in this adventure – that if you really like something when you see it, don’t delay. In my previous article , I wrote about online platforms where you can search for flat or room. Even when you find a place and you want to move in, you may not be able to do so for few reasons based on my experience.

I initially thought of living in a shared flat so not to be lonely at times. I exert effort in looking at the ads posted by those who are looking for roommates. Sent emails and messages everyday and had some visits. There was a place near the center I like the most because of its strategic location. I was interviewed by the person looking for a flatmate, basic questions about me and what I do, etc. I said that I really like the place but I was told that I need to wait as there are also incoming visits. Eventually, it was not for me as the person who posted the ads already made a decision selecting other room seeker.

I went to visit a studio in a good location near the center and then I thought that when I would say I like it – I will get it. But it is not the case, some flat owners are selective. They will finish all visits and decide who is going to take the flat.

There are also rooms where the first one to pay can get it. So no selection process involve. Whoever has the money can take the flat and move in immediately. Sadly, most of the places I saw did not convince me.

At the end, you may loose or win but you will learn things through out the journey. Searching can be easy but making decision is going to be challenging as you have to consider many things. These are my criteria: proximity to public transportation, travel time to workplace, existence of parks and groceries, cleanliness of the place (when looking at shared flat), people that I will live with (are they smokers, clean and tidy?), among other things.

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