Why Prague?

Old Town Square

Prague is the most vibrant and compact city I have ever been to. It is considered as one of the most beautiful cities – if not the most beautiful in Europe and even in the world. When I was looking at it first in pictures and in some videos, I never had much appreciation of this place until I arrived and live on this magical city.

Everyday, thousands of tourists are coming to Prague that’s why it is considered as one of the most visited cities in Europe (along with London, Paris and Rome).

Additionally, since Prague is located in the center of Europe –  it is a strategic location for those who want to travel to nearby countries like Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland in just few hours via train. Let me start by enumerating why Prague captured my heart.

The views. Wherever you turn, you can take ‘intagramable’ pictures. No need to pose left and right. This is true when you are in the center of Prague. The streets, buildings and structures are complimenting each other forming a magistic art dating back centuries.

The pubs. It is everywhere wherever you go around Prague center. If you want to relax after long hours of work or even take a little break – you can stroll around the streets and find an interesting place to take some time sipping your coffee while listening to the busy streets where you see the non-stop trams, buses and cars with the view of beautiful architecture.

The streets. The cobble stones in the streets of Prague are evident that this city existed hundreds of years back. You can just walk along the streets and see how old the buildings were built around each streets.

The atmosphere. There is a feeling that you are in the modern city yet you are in an old city. You will witness the preserved city and you can even see parks and birds flying freely anywhere around Prague.

The nature. I would say that Prague is a perfect combination of a modern-old city and a nature. I live few trams away from the center and I am seeing parks with trees everywhere. I think because this city is surrounded by mountains so you will see green around the city center.

The safety. You never compromise safety with beauty. It is paramount to your visit in any place. I could say that Prague is one of the safest cities (Czech Republic ranks no. 7 as the most peaceful countries in the world per Global Peace Index). But in anywhere we go, things could happen so still be careful.

The affordability. In comparison with cities like New York, London or Paris – Prague can beat them in terms of affordability. You can get the same standard in less amount of money. For example, the 3 days pass for tram, metro and bus is only around EUR 15. This is same for grocery as you can buy cheap fruits and other necessities at a considerably lower price.

The transport system. This is a “wow” for me. Prague’s transport completely blew me away – especially the tram and underground metro system. As a resident here, I only pay around EUR 26 for the whole month with access to metro (train), tram and bus. No need for a long wait because those transport systems will arrive on time. If you live here, buying a car is not a good option.

The healthcare. Working for a company here – one of the benefits is a private healthcare (this is on top of the public healthcare services here where people can get free healthcare or pay lower cost). I was assigned a General Practitioner whom I can go to in times of illness or sickness. All my medical records are in my doctor and no need for me to book any appointment somewhere else if I need medical treatment. This may be normal case for other countries with good healthcare services.

The education. Free education in public universities if you speak Czech language. So I think this is good for those who are locals here and migrants who already speak the language. And there are many foreign students studying in Czech Republic because the cost is significantly lower as compared to western countries.

For now, these are only the things I observe here so will update the list anytime soon.


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