6 Work from home online jobs in 2019

Tired of working on a 8-5 scheme? Well, there are many ways to earn money online these days. There are tons of online jobs you can take advantage of, as long as you have the right skills – you should be able to work from home and work anywhere.

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It can be vblog or writing a blog, selling e-books out of your blog, making podcasts and many more. One of the most famous platforms to earn money is to start a blog. You can earn thousands if you have established a site with good number of followers.

Today, creating a channel in youtube is becoming a trend. As long as you know your audience and you are not afraid of the camera, try it out.

But this does not come the easy way because you need to spend time designing your brand. Many people have taken this route yet many haven’t been successful enough simply because they may have not became serious or they have not found a stream of money in this category. Learn more about setting up a blog from scratch.

2. Teach english online

Given your english skills, you should be able to teach online. You only need to find a good site where you can start teaching. Look for Dada, iTutorGroup, Cambly and OpenEnglish. There are many institutions offering work like this so if you are native english speaker or if you are well-versed in english, it might be the work for you.

3.Virtual assistant jobs

Some admin tasks like basic data management, emailing clients, arranging meetings online are now outsourced by individuals or companies. Sites like Guru, Upwork and FlexJobs have a lot of virtual assistant gigs you can try.

4. Online selling jobs/Telemarketing

Sites like Amazon, e-Bay and Etsy allow you to sell your products online, and there are many websites offering the same service. You can also setup e-commerce site so you have control over your everything and you can create a branding. So if you have products to sell (even used products), start looking at how you can dispose them.

And if you regularly use facebook, there is facebook marketplace and it is easy to sell.

5. Stocks, crypto-currency, options trading

This one is kind of risky but it cannot only pay your bills, you can make fortune if you have solid know-how on the way it works. But at first, you may want to do a long-terms cash deposit and after years, you are able to harvest more. Specifically, look for the sites like Coinbase, Binance and Robinhood. To read more about how online stock market works, read this article as it explains the high-level of stock market trading.

6. IT jobs online

If you have good skills in design, coding or databases – you should be able to find clients that will give you work. Skills like AngularJS, Java, Phyton, AWS, etc. are hard to find these days and as IT continues to thrive, organizations are highly attracted to people with these skills.

There are two possible routes in this case:

      a) You can be hired to work in a company for long term basis. Meaning, they employ you remotely. Once you are hired, you may be signing an agreement that you will render services to them.

         There are companies that offer remote work with benefits like you are regular employee but there are also others that don’t offer any sort of employee benefits except for a monetary compensation.

     b) You can work on project-based type, where you offer services to clients. Could be hourly or per project-based. This one is quite challenging because you need to have solid skills and you should build portfolio so you can get clients as there are many freelancers out there – the competition is quite high as well.

Here are some of the job sites you can look at so to get paid and who knows you might be able to find a client that will employ you for long term.


You can find freelance jobs or part-time jobs in this site. There are about 40,000 organizations in this site hiring for part-time, online workers according to their site.


You might have already heard this site. They offer variety of online jobs such as in the field of design, support, analytics, sales and marketing and even writing gigs.


From logo design, translation, illustration and many more – you should be able to offer services to clients. Your work can be valued $5 and up and so many clients waiting for your output.

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