Travel and work abroad in New Zealand

No doubt, New Zealand is closer to heaven more than other countries in the world. And with the lacks of visa policy program, this country attracts people from all over the world.

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If you have work from home job or you work remotely, New Zealand is your perfect getaway. And if you love nature, you will definitely fit and enjoy your travel while you work remotely or you work from home online.

Even though you are not working from home or do not work remotely, you should be able to find any jobs there in any field of your choice. The Working Holiday Visa offered by New Zealand allows you to stay there, do some work and travel the country.

In this working holiday visa, most residence of eligible countries are allowed to stay up to twelve months. You can work maximum of 3 months in each company and even take studies.

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In some countries, the visa option only open once a year and in some, you can apply for the holiday visa anytime.

For example, if you are coming from the USA and want to work in New Zealand – you should be able to apply anytime. Get ready and pack your bags because you can work remotely and travel. Not bad, right?

While if you are a resident of the Philippines, the visa option is only open once a year and you should be able to apply by February. There is 100 cap for visa applicants so you need to prepare on how you can get a slot as thousands of Filipinos want to go and travel in New Zealand.

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As New Zealand is consistently ranked as one of the most peaceful countries, travelling around the country should not be a problem. However, there is age limit and qualifications for you to apply for this visa.

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Most importantly, in my case for instance, I should be 30 years old and below, with english certificate and with bachelors degree. Other countries have varying requirements so filter out if you qualify for this visa option.

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Most of the jobs that you can get in New Zealand are skilled ones like chef, baker, construction worker, fruit picker, receptionist, customer service representative, cleaner and other administrative tasks.

Once in your life, you should try to live to a different country as you will never experience this if you get older.

Now, how will you find a work from home, remote or office-based job when you are in New Zealand? The biggest job search engine is Seek, filter something like ‘temporary’ and you should be able to find list of temporary jobs.

But if you feel you do not have enough skills yet, try to search for what skills are need in New Zealand and figure out how to develop or learn new skills. You can also look for work from home or online jobs so you can travel around New Zealand with work and you can support your travel.

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Or better, if you are a digital nomad, you can try exploring the beauty of New Zealand and you probably will fall in love. Away from stress environment, not crowded, many parks and nature surrounding cities, safe, and all other quality that you are looking for.

What are you waiting for? pack you bags now and prepare for a 1 year journey to New Zealand!

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